Newby & Zegelaar Agencies Limited is a proud distributor for Cambro, one of the leading providers of high-quality foodservice supplies and equipment. We provide a range of Cambro products to help keep your kitchen, restaurant or facility well equipped.

We have a range of solutions for various needs. We have Cambro food storage equipment to ensure that your ingredients remain fresh. Our shelves are ideal for storing restaurant or kitchen materials and even perishable goods. These are all ideal for kitchens, freezers, coolers, pantries or for dry storage.

There’s nothing like a good food display to present your delicious delights. That’s why we also have food display supplies, including trays, round and rectangular food covers, deli crocks and display bowls. We also have tongs as well as spoons for buffets, delis and salads for easier handling of your servings.

Decorative yet functional tableware contribute to a good dining experience. For that reason, we provide high-quality tableware in our inventory. We have different styles of Cambro bowls and plates for any kind or quantity of food. We also have decanters, lids as well as various beverage containers to suit any restaurant.

Well-organised tableware helps keep things neat and efficient, which is what we aim to achieve in hospitality industries. We have Camrack Glass Racks as well as ingredient bins and cutlery boxes to ensure that everything is in its proper place. We also have Camwear Pans and Lids to help make food handling, delivery or storage more convenient.

A restaurant’s income relies on the quality of food preparation and delivery. That’s why we offer Cambro’s high-quality food preparation and delivery equipment, including measuring cups, pizza dough boxes and scoops. We also have a variety of trays, beverage dispensers, ice caddies and other equipment for quicker transportation of food and beverage.

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