Some people say that the best way to know a restaurant’s standing is by looking at the cutlery’s quality. That is why classy cutlery is essential for restaurants. So if you’re looking for spoons and forks for your business, might as well look for trusted suppliers.

Fortunately, Newby & Zegelaar Agencies can give you all that and more.

We are among the few hospitality materials suppliers that provide the best cutlery NZ has to offer. We give you access to a range of high-quality spoons, forks and knives thanks to our partnership with Tablekraft, one of the leading cutlery brands in Australia. You’ll have access to the brand’s best cutlery sets, including the York, Elite, Mirabelle, Oxford and Luxor.

The York collection is your best bet if you are looking to offer fine dining. It consists of specific forks, spoons and knives for steaks, desserts and drinks. This cutlery set that began in the early 1600s continues to be popular in fine dining establishments because of its simple elegance.

The Elite collection is another cutlery set worth noting. It has a simple yet modern design, characterised by mirror finished utensil heads and satin finished stems. If you want cutlery for your café or bistro, the Atlantis collection is your best option. It consists of lighter utensils that show slimness and grace of modernity. The mirror polished utensil head and satin finish stem makes it a truly elegant set.

Restaurant owners on a budget may choose the Austwind set, known for being a classic budget cutlery. Though economical and widely used, this set, with its satin finish stem and mirror polish, still graces the best cafés out there. The Bogart set is ideal for classical dining, with its traditional Hanoverian pattern of hollow handles, elegant upturned end stems with central flute and mirror polish.

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