If you’re looking for kitchenware in NZ, then you’ve come to the right place!

Running a kitchen is by no means an easy task when you do not have enough materials to run it. We know how hard it is, which is why we provide a fine selection of modern kitchenware solutions.

Newby & Zegelaar Agencies Limited is one of the leading suppliers of kitchenware in NZ. We provide a selection of kitchen supplies to help make your culinary tasks a breeze.

Kitchen tasks tend to be messy. However, presentation is very important to restaurants. We don’t want you to compromise, which is why we provide aprons and towels in various shades and sizes so that your staff can still maintain a clean and professional appearance.

Cooking requires not just the right ingredients, but the right equipment, timing and utensils as well. We provide aluminium pots and pans in various sizes so you can cook as many as you’d like. We also provide thermometers and timers to help you keep track of your ingredients. We have can openers, butter spreaders, strainers, pastry cutters, servers and other kitchen utensils for your convenience.

Preparation is essential in cooking. We know how delicate the entire process is, which is why we provide the materials to ease your culinary tasks. We provide food moulds, fry baskets, mortar & pestle, food mills, etc. We also offer gourmet cutters to give your offerings nice finishing touches.

Baking food will be easy with the right equipment, which is what you’ll expect with our services. We also offer sheets, pans, trays, mats, cooling racks and other baking essentials.

Whether you need materials for preparing, cooking or baking food, we have all the materials on hand. Browse our pages for more information on our services.