What makes one restaurant different from the other? The quality of drinks you serve. This means, not just having good drinks but also using good-quality containers to serve them in. When it comes to glassware, Newby & Zegelaar Agencies are the people to talk to.

We are a leading supplier of the best glassware New Zealand has to offer. We have different kinds of glassware to suit your business needs.

Beer is best served in a good, quality glass, which is why we have different shapes and sizes of glassware for restaurants. Choose among our high-quality brands, which include the Brasserie, Catalina glasses, the Embassy, Gibraltar as well as Footed glassware. We also have mugs, hourglass pilsners and teardrop. Most of our products come from Libbey, one of the top glassware companies in the USA.

Apart from beer glassware, we have different kinds of tumblers to suit any drink. Customers may choose baroque, Basic rock, elan and embassy drinks from Libbey. If you are prefer ‘less is more,’ Luna and ypsilon from Bormioli Rocco.

We also provide a range of stemware. We have Libbey’s Perception and Vina flutes and wineglasses for those with discerning taste. We also have party trumpet flutes as well as Madison wineglasses for those who prefer variety.

Specialty glassware are also available for desserts, coffee, brandy and other drinks. We have Libbey’s Embassy brandy and mini martini glasses as well as coffee glasses. We also have Retro and Soda glasses for those who stick to convention. Libbey’s stemless martini and wineglasses as well as Bormioli Rocco’s susa aperitif are also available for those who want stylish yet sensible specialty glassware.

The company also provides different kinds of shot glass, cocktails, jugs and decanters as well as coffee glasses for various purposes. Browse our website for more information on our glassware.